The 万博皇家马德里 is a non-profit online magazine that offers readers original, thought-provoking reports from the front lines of behavioral science. Born out of the labs and offices of leading researchers, practitioners, and journalists, our mission is to help our readers make sense of today’s world through a deeper understanding of human behavior.

We publish articles on today’s most pressing social, political, economic, and technological challenges, with a focus on original columns and commentaries from leading behavioral scientists and practitioners. On our site, you will also find reports on developments in the field, summaries of new key findings, interviews with experts, coverage of recently published books, and curated content from across the web—meaning you will be able to find the latest behavioral science research and thought all in one place.

We maintain a strong commitment to smart science and honest journalism while rejecting hype and hyperbole. We aim to build the 万博皇家马德里 into the defining source for news and analysis in the field. And we hope to cultivate the field’s community and conscience by bringing together behavioral scientists and the broader public without shying away from key discussions and debates—all while guided by William James’s wise and practical advice, “Truth in our ideas means their power to work.”

The 万博皇家马德里 is supported by a consortium of organizations including ideas42, the Center for Decision Research, and the Behavioral Science and Policy Association. Further support for development of the website was provided by the Association for Psychological Science Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science.

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